About us

About us

We are especially involved in the processing of sheet metal and steel structures production. Our plant located at Jana Pawła II 8 street in Włocławek and the hall situated at Toruńska 104 street in Włocławek manufacture elements necessary to construct Mez Kapsel ISO, STANDARD, Mez Teller 405 and other air conditioning and ventilation systems. Due to application of innovative solutions and constant quality control the ducts are tight and durable.

From company history

1875 – Ludwig Mez establishes the first metal processing plant.

1913 – Louis Mez takes over the plant.

1943 – Alfred Mez expands the plant by sanitary and ventilation department.

1947 – Alfred Mez introduces “Kaminlochkapsel” to the ventilation system.

1958 – Georg Mez takes over the plant at the age of 23.

1969 – Georg Mez files the first patent for MEZ-FLANGE-SYSTEM of SBM type.

1973 – registration of MEZ brand and further patents in the scope of ventilation technology.

1994 – establishment of Przedsiębiorstwo Zagraniczne Mez Technik Spółka z o.o. in Poland in Włocławek.

2006 – Georg Mez AG established in Switzerland acquires 50% of shares in P.Z. Mez Technik Spółka z o.o.

2017 – Jörg Mez becomes the president of Georg Mez AG and at the same time a representative of a shareholder in P.Z. Mez Technik Spółka z o.o.